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Discover the local flea market in Consell Mallorca

Vibrant flea market in Consell Mallorca

Do you want to explore the largest and most colorful flea market in Consell Mallorca? Every Sunday from 9:00 to 14:00, the village of Consell transforms into a bustling hub of activity, attracting Majorcans, expats, and visitors alike. Palmallorca has captured its charm with a curious camera.

Discover the authentic Mallorca

Starting your journey from Palma, you can catch a train that stops in Consell. This scenic ride lasts around 25 minutes and costs aprox  3 euro. Tickets are available online or at the station in Palma. The stop is named Alaró / Consell, indicating you’ve arrived in the picturesque countryside between two quaint towns.

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To reach the eclectic Flea Market in Consell Mallorca, you’ll need to walk 30 minutes from the station. Along the way, enjoy the serene landscapes of sheep-filled fields and almond trees. As you enter the village, you’ll be greeted by narrow streets lined with charming stone houses.

Rent a car in Mallorca and drive to the the Flea Market in Consell Mallorca – see location on the map. (Parking for cars or scooters is also available nearby).

Flea market in Consell Mallorca - second hand Mallorca - flea market in Mallorca
Discover hidden treasures at flea markets, where you can find unique items, antiques, and vintage goods at bargain prices.

Watches, Jewelry, Clothing, Art and Unique Treasures

The Flea Market in Consell Mallorca began in 1994 when Australian John Douglas set up two tables of his used items. Today, it hosts several hundred sellers offering a diverse range of goods. From families selling old toys to seasoned vendors with antique furniture and art, there’s something for everyone. Despite inflation, you can still find boxes of items for just 1 euro.

Some stalls display meticulously arranged china, mirrors, and perfume bottles, while others embrace a more chaotic charm. For many, the highlight is the large barbecue stall, where families gather to enjoy delicious roasted sausages.

Once inside the market, you’ll join the flow of visitors seeking unique finds. Some search for new furniture or art, while others sift through piles of affordable clothing. You’ll discover old agricultural tools, LPs, electronic gadgets, paintings, and antique wooden doors.

The stalls extend into side streets and large halls, each brimming with hidden treasures. What seems like trash to one person might be a valuable find for another.

Flea market Mallorca - - Palma & Mallorca Community
Enjoy the thrill of the hunt and support local vendors while shopping sustainably.

Benefits of buying Second-Hand at Flea Market in Consell Mallorca

Buying second-hand from a flea market offers numerous benefits. Firstly, it’s cost-effective, allowing you to find unique items at bargain prices. Secondly, it promotes sustainability by giving new life to pre-loved items, reducing waste and environmental impact.

Flea markets also offer a diverse selection of goods, from vintage clothing to antique furniture, often unavailable in regular stores.

Moreover, each item has a story, adding charm and character to your finds. Shopping at flea markets supports local vendors and fosters a sense of community. Lastly, the thrill of discovering hidden treasures makes the experience enjoyable and rewarding.

Food and Wine in Consell

After exploring the Flea Market in Consell Mallorca, take a leisurely stroll through the village. The square around the church is especially charming, and local bars offer refreshing drinks.

If you visit an open butcher, try the region’s specialty sausage, ‘camaiot.’ Consell is also renowned for its wine, particularly from Bodegas Ribas. This winery has produced wine for over 300 years, using Mallorcan grape varieties like Mantonegro and Prensal.

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The area around Consell is popular with walkers and cyclists. Nearby villages such as Biniali and Biniagual are accessible via quiet roads lined with almond trees and vineyards. If you crave more market experiences, visit Santa Maria del Camí, also on the train line, where a traditional market featuring local food specialties is held every Sunday.

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