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Wine tasting in Mallorca

Discover the Essence of Wine Tasting in Mallorca

Are you seeking inspiration for wine tasting in Mallorca? Here, you’ll find some of the finest wineries on the island, each opening its doors to wine enthusiasts eager to explore and savor Mallorcan wines.

Wine from Mallorca

Wine tasting in Mallorca - Palma & Mallorca Community - wine tours Mallorca
Can you smell what’s in the glass? Photo: Palmallorca – Palma & Mallorca Community

Mallorcan wine is experiencing rapid development, with the island continuously producing higher quality wines. Much like other Mediterranean regions, Mallorca’s wine production relies heavily on local grape varieties.

For red wines, you’ll encounter grapes like Manto Negre, Callet, and Fogoneu, often blended with internationally known varieties such as Syrah, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Tempranillo. White wines predominantly feature the local Moll grape, also known as Premsal or Prensal Blanc, alongside Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc.

Regardless of your budget, Mallorcan wine offers something for everyone. To enhance your experience, it’s advisable to book a wine tasting session at one of the island’s renowned wineries. Below are some notable options.

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Wine Tasting in Mallorca – Santa Maria del Camí

Wine tasting in Mallorca - wine tour Mallorca - - Palma & Mallorca Community
Many of the major wine houses in Mallorca are ready to welcome wine tourists. At Maciá Batle, you have a great opportunity to purchase wine, oil, salt, and snacks to take home.

Maciá Batle: This historic winery, established in 1856, has garnered over 300 national and international awards. A visit includes a tour of the bodega, an introduction to their wine production, and a tasting of five wines. Don’t miss their standout wine, 1856, with its notes of ripe fruit, cloves, pepper, and vanilla.  Visit Maciá Batle

Bodegas Angel: Producing 200,000 bottles annually, this winery offers a diverse selection of wines. Try their Manto Negro 500, which greets you with aromas of menthol, rosemary, and chocolate, and flavors of dark fruits and roasted notes from the cask. Visit Bodegas Angel

Bodega Jaume de Puntiro: Located at Placa Nova market square, this winery focuses on local grapes. Their top wine, JP, features flavors of licorice, cinnamon, and smoke. Visit Jaume de Puntiro

Wine Tasting in Mallorca – Binissalem

José Ferrer: Established in 1931, this winery produces affordable, robust wines. Sample their Aged wine, with its notes of currants, blackberries, coffee, toasted wood, and a hint of licorice.  Visit José Ferrer

Tianna Negre: A newer winery dedicated to creating unique wines that capture the essence of Mallorca. Try their See Nines Negre, a wine rich in red fruits and spices, crafted from Manto Negro and Callet grapes.  Visit Tianna Negre

Finca Biniagual: Situated in a quaint village, this winery also grows olives, almonds, citrus fruits, figs, and pomegranates. Their red wines, Summer and Gran Verán, are notable for their inviting flavors of vanilla and plum.  Visit Finca Biniagual

Don’t miss the chance to explore the Danish wine project BiniVista. Read more about the wines and the project. 

Wine from Mallorca - food and wine in Mallorca - Palma & Mallorca Community
Mallorca is producing an increasing number of high-quality wines. Every self-respecting winery has a large cellar to showcase to wine tourists. Here you can see the cellar of Maciá Batle. Photo: – Palma & Mallorca Community

Wine Tasting in Mallorca – Consell

Bodegas Ribas: Dating back to 1711, this winery is managed by the 13th generation of the family. Their Ribas de Cabrera, produced only in exceptional years, offers aromas of red fruits, balsamic, cocoa, and burnt oak. Visit Bodegas Ribas 

Wine Tasting in Mallorca – Manacor

Pere Seda: Near Manacor, this winery offers 90-minute tours and tastings. Their Reserva and Mossèn Alcover Negre are spicy wines with seductive vanilla aromas, made from the local Callet grape.  Visit Pere Seda

Wine Tasting in Mallorca – Inca

Son Bordils: Try their Bisbals, a blend of Merlot, Syrah, and Callet, featuring flavors of raspberry jam, balsamic, and fennel, with a fresh and balanced acidity.  Visit Son Bordils

Son Prim: Their Maria Jose Chardonnay is a delightful wine with notes of pears, peaches, and a nutty, buttery finish.  Visit Son Prim

Wine Tasting in Mallorca – Banyalbufar

Ca’n Pico: Located on stunning terrace slopes overlooking the Mediterranean, this winery produces wines from the Malvasia grape, perfect with fish, white meat, or as an aperitif. Visit Ca’n Pico 

Son Vives: Also specializing in the Malvasia grape, this winery offers wines that reflect the unique terroir of Banyalbufar. Visit Son Vives

Wine Tasting in Mallorca Tramuntana Mountains

Wine in Mallorca - Mallorcan wines - wine tasting Malllorca - Wine tour Mallorca - Palma & Mallorca Community.
Summer and chilled red wine served at the winery just taste better. Enjoy wine tasting in Mallorca at Maciá Batle. Photo: – Palma & Mallorca Community

Son Vich: Try their Supernins, a red wine from the Manto Negro grape, bursting with fruit, tobacco, and vanilla, and offering a velvety mouthfeel.  Visit Son Vich

These wineries represent just a small selection of the wine houses in Mallorca that welcome visitors.

This is just a small selection of the wine houses on Mallorca, which offers tastings for wine lovers. You can also try contacting:

Bodega Castell Miquel in AlaróEs Verger in EsporlesWin Toni Gelabert in Manacor or Vins Ca’n Novell in Binissalem.

Also seek out the popular Mallorcan wines from  4 kilo or Anima Negra, available at several wine retailers.

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