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Casa del Arte Palma

Exploring Palma’s art Scene: Visit Casa del Arte Palma

As a natural extension of our focus on the vibrant city of Palma, its rich cultural history, and dynamic modern art scene, we now turn our attention to an art gallery in the old town – Casa del Arte Palma.

At Casa del Arte Palma, you’ll meet Heidi Toft. The gallery currently showcases colorful and playful street art by the artist TTurban, displayed as digital prints. Visit the Casa del Arte Palma website for more information about the gallery.

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The Flourishing Art Scene in Palma

Palma’s art scene is thriving and diverse. After exploring iconic sights of Palma like the cathedral and the La Lonja stock exchange, and once you’ve enjoyed your coffee, lunch, and shopping, be sure to visit some of Palma’s versatile art galleries.

The city hosts its own art festival in the autumn, “La Nit de l’Art,” and is home to numerous burgeoning and eclectic art galleries. Palma’s status as a melting pot of various nationalities contributes to the broad array of artworks and styles. This international influence ensures that Palma’s art scene continually surprises and provokes, with galleries consistently showcasing new and foreign artists, challenging our (domestic) perceptions.

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In the gallery, you’ll find both space for reflection and time to absorb the myriad impressions. Visiting this gallery offers an exciting experience in Palma. Photo: Casa del Arte Palma.

Experience Art at Casa del Arte Palma

In the heart of the old town lies Casa del Arte Palma. Established in 2022, the gallery is part of Palma’s burgeoning gallery scene. Nestled next to one of the city’s bustling commercial staircases, Casa del Arte Palma features a variety of artists and styles.

Casa del Arte Palma is dedicated to presenting contemporary art that hasn’t yet been widely exhibited. Here, you can discover fresh, unknown talents alongside established artists. The gallery’s collection includes photographs, paintings, sculptures, and prints. Moreover, Casa del Arte Palma provides a platform for emerging artists to showcase their work to a broad audience through both physical and digital exhibitions via ARTBOXY (more on that below).

Entrance to Casa del Arte Palma is free, and a visit is non-binding. If there are few visitors, you might even get a personal tour, and who knows, you might fall in love with a piece of art. The gallery is experienced in handling international clients and ensures safe transportation of art worldwide. 

Here you will find the exciting art gallery Casa del Arte in Palma.

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Video of Portixol in Palma

Meet Heidi Toft

If you visit Casa del Arte Palma, you’re likely to meet Heidi Toft. With 20 years of experience in the Danish event industry, Heidi has transitioned from creating cocktail bars and organizing large concerts to managing an art gallery in Palma.

“I always wanted to move to either Italy or Spain, but it was never the right time,” Heidi explains. “After an evening with friends, I realized we were all stuck in a hamster wheel, working too much and letting our dreams remain dreams. So I went home, found a map of Spain, closed my eyes, and decided to live where my finger landed. It was Mallorca! Two weeks later, I was in Palma, starting a completely new life from scratch.”

Heidi found a job posting on Facebook for a Gallery Manager and was hired. “Moving here was one of the scariest, but also the best decisions of my life. I’ve never been happier with my work and private life than I am here in Mallorca!”

Art in Palma. Art in Mallorca. Art gallery Palma. Art gallery Mallorca. - Mallorca Community
The multi-level gallery Casa del Arte Palma currently showcases vibrant street art. With its modern ambiance and stylish interior, the gallery provides a delightful experience. Photo: Casa del Arte Palma.

Casa del Arte Palma: More Than a Gallery

Casa del Arte Palma hosts regular exhibitions and events for collectors, artists, and art enthusiasts. The gallery is owned by a Swiss family-run company, which also holds exhibitions worldwide. For example, in December 2023, they participated in Miami Art Week, and in April 2024, they will exhibit at The Venice Biennale.

ARTBOXY – What Is It?

ARTBOXY is a community run by the gallery’s owners. Initially, it offers digital exhibitions, but artists can also have physical exhibitions at galleries and art fairs globally. ARTBOXY provides an innovative platform for artists to connect with art lovers, galleries, and collectors. If you’re an artist, you can create a profile on ARTBOXY, exhibit your works digitally, and potentially have them displayed physically in the gallery.

Top image for the article Casa del Arte Palma © Casa del Arte Palma

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