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Free cultural experiences in Palma

What to see and do for free in Palma?

Who says exploring the big city has to be expensive? Here are some ideas for free cultural experiences in Palma.

Free art in Palma

Palma is an exciting city to explore on foot. In the old town, the streets are narrow and winding, making it easy to lose yourself in its charm. Start your journey on Sant Miguel, where you’ll find the  Museu Fundació Joan March with free entrance. The museum, housed in an elegant and stylish building adorned with marble, features permanent works by Joan Miró, Salvador Dalí, and Miquel Barceló.

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Casal Solleric is free culture in Central Palma

Casal Solleric  is a magnificent Baroque building from the 18th century, featuring a courtyard and intricate decorative details. It hosts temporary exhibitions specializing in contemporary art and photography. Located right next to Passeig del Born, it is centrally situated in the city, making it an easily accessible cultural spot.

Casal Balaguer in the historic center of Palma

Casal Balaguer, a noble house dating back to the 14th century, was renovated in the 16th and extended in the 18th century. The city council transformed it into a cultural center, making it accessible to everyone. The new layout is intuitive, blending historical architecture with modern design while maintaining its historical complexity.

Casal Balaguer is perfect for those seeking free cultural experiences in Palma. It offers a fascinating study in interior design and architecture, with rooms furnished and decorated from various eras. It beautifully illustrates the evolution of interior design in Palma over time.

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Free cultural experiences in Palma - - Mallorca Community
Here, you can admire the grand staircase leading to the art collection in the Joan March Museum. The skylight bathes the space in natural light, highlighting the luxurious marble, ornate cast iron, and expansive design. No expense has been spared. Photo: © Nemesio Jimenez Jimenez |

La Lonja is a must visit in Palma

Just a few blocks from the harbor is the old stock exchange, The Lonja , located in the neighborhood of the same name. Dating back to 1452, this elegant Gothic building offers free admission. Inside, the spacious room can accommodate many visitors. Sit in one of the large windowsills, admire the slender columns that rise like palm trees to the ceiling, and marvel at the patinated marble floor. Imagine the bustling life of traders who once gathered here to exchange goods from around the world.

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The food markets: Free cultural experiences in Palma

Palma boasts five permanent food markets. Visit in the morning to see traders and their extensive selection of raw materials. For example, check out Mercat d’Olivar’s fish section, the live animal market in Pere Garau, or Palma’s oldest food market in the old fishing quarter of Santa Catalina. Take the opportunity to enjoy some tapas or a glass of wine in one of the market bars.

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Architectural wonders in Palma

Explore Palma’s architecture and patios for more free cultural experiences. Visit the first hotel in Palma, Gran Hotel, now a cafe, art shop, and museum.

Admire the modernismo style of Edifici Casasayas and Can Forteza Rey near Plaza Mayor. For hidden architectural gems, visit Plaza Quadradro and enjoy the beautiful buildings and quiet stone benches.

Free art in Palma - free experiences in Palma - What to se and do in Palma for free - - Mallorca Community
For a great tip on free cultural experiences in Palma, stop by Plaza Cort. Here, you can admire a section of the Town Hall’s facade. Simply standing and gazing at the intricate artwork in the eaves is a rewarding experience. Photo: © Joaquin Ossorio Castillo |

Town Hall and Plaza del Cort

The Baroque town hall on Plaza del Cort is a small architectural gem. Sit on the stone steps in front and watch people passing by, enjoying the view of Hotel Cort and Hotel Mamá. Admire the dark eaves with intricate figures just a few steps away.

La Seu – The Cathedral

Palma’s grand Gothic Cathedral, La Seu, is an imposing monument. It took nearly 400 years to build, and its exterior features large glass mosaics and various entrance areas. For a different perspective, view the cathedral from below the city wall in Parc de la Mar, where you can spend an hour or two exploring sculptures, playgrounds, table tennis tables, benches, and shady palm trees.

Enjoy the free and green parks of Palma

Palma’s churches

Many of Palma’s churches are open to visitors, while others have specific visiting hours. Be respectful if a mass is in progress. Visit the beautiful church on Plaza Santa Eulalia and the old church of Sant Francesc nearby.

For a unique experience, explore Palma’s cemetery, located about 3 km from the center, a testament to stonemasonry art.

Street art in Palma - - Mallorca Community
Are you a fan of street art? If so, grab your camera and explore Palma’s side streets. You’re sure to stumble upon vibrant displays of free cultural experiences. Photo: © Blurf

Street Art in Palma

Palma is teeming with street artists. Classic caricaturists can be found around Plaza Mayor, San Miguel, or below the cathedral at Parc del Mar. For modern street art or graffiti, explore the neighborhoods around C/Syndicate, where gables and abandoned buildings serve as canvases for vibrant works of art.

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More free cultural experiences: Shopping Streets

Take a stroll through the cozy bishop’s garden in Palma, a quiet and historic respite in the old town. Enjoy people-watching along Palma’s countless shopping streets, which cater to all budgets. For more information on what different streets and neighborhoods offer, check out our guide to Palma’s shopping.

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Top image for Free Cultural Experiences in Palma: Photo © Artesiawells |

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