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Best hiking trails in Sóller Mallorca

Let’s go hiking: Explore the unique trails in Sóller

Are you looking for hiking trails in Sóller, Mallorca? Read along and be inspired for a trip that suits your fitness level.

Discover the beauty of Sóller, through its diverse hiking trails. From scenic coastal paths to challenging mountain treks, there’s a route for every adventurer. Whether you’re a seasoned hiker or a casual walker, Sóller offers an unforgettable experience in nature.

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The Pilgrimage Route

The classic pilgrimage route in Mallorca also passes through Sóller. Specifically, this is stage 4, which runs from Deiá to Muleta/Port de Sóller and is around 10 km, and stage 5, which runs from Port de Sóller to Tossals Verds in Escorca, covering around 28 km. See a map of the various stages of the pilgrimage route – Ruta en Pedra de Sec.

Hiking in Soller. Hiking Mallorca. Hiking trails in Mallorca. Hiking trails in Soller, Mallorca. - Mallorca Community
The church Sa Capelleta Santa María de l’Olivar is almost mythically situated amidst nature. A hike to this enchanting site is one of the many exciting hiking trails in Sóller, Mallorca. Photo: © Martin Hatch |

The religious route

A short and almost religious route is from Sóller to Sa Capelleta Santa María de l’Olivar. The hike is about 3 km, taking you along winding roads to a small stone church that feels like something out of a fairy tale. The church is locked, but you can still peek inside to catch a glimpse of the Virgin Mary.

The Beautiful Route

The route from Port de Sóller to the artistic city of Deiá is one of the most popular and recommendable hikes. The trail is 12.6 km long, passing through olive groves and small villages along the way. Tib’s buses also run between the two towns, allowing you to walk one way and take the bus back. Read more about the public transport on Mallorca

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The easy routes

For a shorter hike starting in Sóller, go to Sóller’s atmospheric cemetery and further to Ses Tres Creus for some stunning views. 

Another easy hike is to Biniaraix, a beautiful little mountain town about 2 km away, known for its charming streets, antique laundry, and donkey resting place.

The moderate routes

If you’ve hiked from Sóller to Biniaraix, you might continue a bit further to Fornalutx, an additional 3.2 km. Fornalutx is a picturesque town that has frequently been listed among Spain’s most beautiful cities. Another moderate route is an 8 km hike from Sóller to Port de Sóller, where you can catch the tram back to Sóller.

Hiking in Mallorca Hiking Soller, Hiking Fornalutx Mallorca. - Mallorca Community
Fornalutx is one of the small, rustic, and charming towns in the Sóller Valley. Each walking route in Sóller, Mallorca, offers something unique and special along the way. Photo: © Fotoandvideo |

The long and tough one

For fit and seasoned hikers seeking adventure, a hike up to Cuber Lake is a fantastic option. The spectacular view of the lake nestled between mountains will take your breath away. The route from Sóller is about 9 km, and remember, you also have to return. Alternatively, there is a bus that runs between Sóller and Cuber Lake during the summer months.

Conclusion: Hiking trails in Sóller

Exploring the hiking trails in Sóller offers an unforgettable adventure through some of Mallorca’s most stunning landscapes. Whether you’re trekking the historic pilgrimage routes, marveling at the picturesque villages like Deiá and Fornalutx, or enjoying the serene beauty of routes like Camí de ses Tres Creus, there’s something for every level of hiker.

With trails that lead you through olive groves, past charming mountain towns, and up to breathtaking viewpoints, Sóller is a hiker’s paradise. 

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